DVD Station's advanced technology provides consumers with an entertaining, educational, and easy-to-use shopping experience that combines the convenience and interactivity traditionally associated with online shopping, with the immediacy of a physical shopping experience. The DVD Station Solution enables retailers to quickly install and easily maintain an entertainment merchandising system that is effective and operates with minimal store personnel involvement.


The DVD Station system allows customers to browse thousands of films and TV shows in different categories – by movie genre, actor, or director.  The store's compact form factor allows retailers to offer this product line in locations never before possible.  And the simple, intuitive product interface provides a faster, easier, and more convenient way for consumers to rent and buy DVDs.  Significantly, the cost-savings realized from the system's small footprint and large selection enables retailers to boost margins while maintaining competitive pricing and selection. 

Consumer Adoption Rates High with Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Interface
The interactive system has an easy-to-use and attractive interface that makes the rental and purchase of DVDs accessible to a wide audience.  More interactive and interesting than the ATM touch screen interface that so many consumers already use, the Station's user interfaceis a hit with consumers.  

Value-Added Product Features
In addition to the compelling interface, the product has a number of features that enable customers to:

    · Browse thousands of titles without ever walking down a store aisle
    · Watch movie trailers
    · Search for a movie or TV show by title, actor, director, or film genre
    · Learn more about an actor or director and the films they have made
    · Find out about a movie's special features, as well as which awards a film or show
    has won
    · Save a list of movies for future viewing on a virtual shelf (“My Selections”)
    · Bookmark a movie that is already rented so that you will be notified when the DVD is returned.
    · Rent and buy via a secure, no-cash transaction.

    · Download on the spot, for select digital content.

A Secure System
DVD Station understands the importance of a secure system in order to protect the interests of both the retailer and the individual consumer.  As such, the company's system is designed to withstand both physical hardships at the store level, and electronic threats to the network from the outside. Security cards and access controls allow for both the station console and for physical and digital inventory to be secured.  Sensitive consumer and retail sales data is always encrypted and protected within a private network.  Credit card information and the resulting return credit authorizations are communicated from the store to a payment transaction server via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and secure HTTPS.  Data transfers are guarded via two-way 128-bit encryption.

Moreover, the company has in place a Privacy Policy as well as strict employee policy limits on which staff members may access the store's secure product database and the consumer information herein.


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